Financial Sector

Save costs for cash handling and optimize processes with our solutions for the financial sector.

Reduced costs
Optimized vault network
Enhance security
Strengthen customer relations

Streamline and optimize your daily operations with tailored payment solutions that suit any size business.

Reduced costs
Streamline Management Time
Strengthen reporting
Increase internal control
Public Sector

Optimize cash handling costs and increase security with our solutions.

Reduced costs
Optimized vault network
Enhance security
Strengthen customer relations


Why Loomis

Customer Service

We are here for you!

Loomis offers many solutions for managing payments. Regardless of which one you choose, our promise to you is simple - you are our customer and you come first!

Business Efficiency

You and your business are always Loomis' top priority. We use our experience and expertise to understand your needs and help your business grow. Supported by the latest technology, Loomis delivers efficient solutions to save your time. We want to make a real difference to your business and its growth.


Our planet is facing major challenges due to climate change and environmental pollution, but it is not too late to make things better. That's why we asked ourselves what Loomis can do to fight the threats to our environment.

After a thorough analysis of Loomis' environmental impact, we decided to set a clear goal: to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% in 2024 and by 20% in 2025.

Risks Management

Loomis helps you with safe handling of cash. As a business owner or manager, you probably have a lot of things to keep track of. Thinking about cash management also takes time. Loomis helps you with that so you can focus on developing your business for a successful future!

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