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We are here to help and assist you whenever you need it.

Loomis helps their customers to relieve some of the load by taking on many tasks related to the cash management. And, in whatever capacity when yo choose to work with Loomis, our customer service promise to you is quite simple - you, our customer, comes first.


We are always available for you. Reach out to the team at Loomis whenever you need help, information or support and we will do everything we can to assist you.

Our clients are the most important thing to us. We will value your business,

take care of you and use all our resources to improve your customer experience.

No need to worry about any difficulties in incorporating your business into Loomis.

Our experienced team members will assist and advise you as you make the transition to Loomis services, whether you are new to the industry or just new to Loomis. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and timely experience, keeping you fully informed at all times.

Our customer support infrastructure is built on advanced technology.

So, in addition to experienced and knowledgeable people on hand to support you, our continually evolving technology ensures that the Loomis experience - and the information you can access - is always timely, accurate and highly satisfactory.

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Contact our customer support by calling +45 7026 4242 or by filling in the form via the link below.

Our opening hours are from 08:00-16:00 Monday - Friday.

We are here to help

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